Sunday, January 10, 2010

Captain Canuck 1979 Reintroduction Letter

Captain Canuck issue #4Back in 1980 when I was just learning of the enjoyment to be found in the pages of superhero comic books, I had a neighbour who showed me his modest comic book collection. In it he had 3 or 4 Superman comics and one Captain Canuck comic book. Something about that Captain Canuck comic seemed really cool and I asked him if I could have it, to which he asked, "Do you have anything to trade?" I don't remember what I ended up trading him for it, but the end result was I got to go home with my new copy of Captain Canuck, issue #6. I read it 3 or 4 times, and just couldn't get enough. On my next visit to the Bookaneer book store (which sold comic books), I asked is he had any Captain Canuck comic books and he pointed me to the rack on the wall behind the cash register. On it was all the newest comic books, and there in amongst all the other super hero comics was issue #7 of Captain Canuck!
I was so captivated by my first two Captain Canuck issues that I asked if I could subscribe to the comic. My mother who was always trying to find things I would read, was more than happy to pay the $3.90 for a years subscription.
Ever since I wrote my post about my first two comic books I have been wanting to find my copy of Captain Canuck #6 so that I can display it along with my Rom and Silver Surfer comics as my very first comic books. Today I decided to hunt though my comic boxes for the issue. After spending a while hunting though boxes, I was not able to find that particular issue - I did find a few copies of #6, all were in much to good condition to be that first issue I traded for. What I did find was a copy of issue #4 that I bought at a thrift shop years ago. What made this issue interesting was that inside it was a letter from CKR Productions, LTD that was addressed to "Original subscribers of Captain Canuck".
I think its pretty cool that a Captain Canuck fan (myself) just happened to purchase an old issue in a thrift shop that still had this letter inside. I would guess that there were not that many subscribers to the comic during the first 3 issues, so this letter would seem pretty scarce, and finding one still tucked inside the comic book years latter, priceless!Letter to original subscribers of Captain Canuck
PS: I'll have to keep hunting for my first copy of Captain Canuck #6.

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