Monday, January 25, 2010

Little Golden Book Monday #114

Here is perhaps one of the most famous inside covers to a book ever. I have seen this so many times that I don't really even notice it anymore. It wasn't until I was scanning in some book covers and I was noticing all the various children's names written inside on the "This little Golden Book belongs to" spot that I decided to scan in the inside cover for today's Little Golden Book Monday.
Its kind of funny that although I had many Little Golden Books as a child, I don't recall ever writing my name in any of them. Even at a young age, I think it was the collector in me that wouldn't let me deface my books by writing in them - even it it was just my name, in a spot specially made for me to personalize my book.
Now Im really curious if I ever did write my name in one of my books. I am going now, to dig through my collection to see if I can find any of my original Little Golden Books with my young signature inside!

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