Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Hey Look... I'm in a Groo Comic book!

I've been reading comics for over 30 years now and one of my all time favorites is Sergio Aragones GROO the Wanderer which had been going on and off all most as long. My mother is not a big comic reader, but over the years of my collecting there have been a few comics they she always looked forward to each month, two of those being Kevin Smith's Bone and Groo. For years when I would come home from the comic shop, she would ask, any comics for me??
Dark Horse just published a 4 issue mini series of Groo titled Groo the Hogs of Horder. I read issues #1 and 2 and passed both along to my mom, but I had not read issue 3 yet. When I came home with issue 4 I realized that I had never passed issue 3 along to my mom, so I gave her both 3 and 4 before I had a chance to read them. A day or two later when I picked them up, she said, "Wow, you have a letter in there!" which was news to me! I quickly snagged the comic from her and flipped to the back to have a look at the letters page, and right there on the first page was a letter from Ronn Roxburgh... wowee! There was even a response from Mark Evanier and a silly little drawing to go along with it! This is so cool as I am a big fan of both Sergio and Mark. Have been reading the Groo comics since the first appearance in Destroyer Duck and I visit Mark's blog every day!
I was thrilled to get my letter in a Groo comic book, and I didn't even have to mention the word 'mulch'.

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