Monday, March 15, 2010

Little Golden Book Monday #117

Today's Little Golden Book is The Wait-for-Me Kitten by Patricia Scarry with pictures by Lillian Obligado. This is the Fourth printing from 1977, with the original being printed in 1962. Patricia happens to be the wife of one of my favorite children's story writers, second only to my all time favorite writer/artist Bill Peet.
This story follows three mischievous little kittens and their tag along pal Wait-For-Me as they go searching for some fun. Along the way they get into trouble with a big rooster, Ms. Fox, Farmer Pig and Mrs. Dog. When the other little kittens cause trouble and run away, Wait-For-Me sticks around to help Mrs. Dog re hand her laundry, which prompts Mrs. Dog to say "A good little kitten must have a reward," and she gives Wait-For-Me a big tuna fish pie to eat, yum, yum, all by himself!
But the three little kittens came tumbling over the hill. "Wait for me! Wait for me!" begged the three little kittens.
Did the littlest kitten wait for those three, hungry little kittens?
Oh yes he did! And ever since then, those three little kittens have always waited for him.

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