Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Jericho Returns to Television

Tonight, Jericho returns to television. Pretty exciting, since the show was canceled at the end of last season. This brings up something that has bothered me about TV for some time now. Networks bring out a ton of new shows each season, and decide the fate of those shows in a season or less. Sometimes, just as I find a new show I like, I find out it is being canceled. A few shows I can think of from recent seasons that fit into this category are Invasion and Jericho. Both are shows that are very episodic and you really get sucked in, following the story, and looking forward to seeing how things are going to progress each episode.
With Invasion, they never really told you what was happening to everyone in the town, but you kept tuning in each week to see if they would give you just a little bit more information. When the first season ended, that was it. Show canceled. We will never find out what was really going on?
With Jericho, they ended last season with a huge cliffhanger and then... canceled. Too bad. We would never find out what was going to happen, or how the story would end.
But, in the rare case of Jericho, apparently, enough people made a stink about the cancellation, that CBC actually revived the show for a few more episodes to actually complete the story.
Things look good for Jericho, as with the writers strike, there was been a real void of new shows on TV recently, and this may help Jericho to get viewers who may not have watched it last season, to tune in tonight.
I know what I will be doing tonight at 10 pm! And hopefully you will do the same, so that numbers will be high enough that CBS will bring the show back for another season - then maybe we can do this all over again when they cancel that season!

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