Sunday, October 19, 2008

CARtoons '69 Camaro

The other day while checking out all the great stuff at our favorite used toy store (Toy Traders), I found this Muscle Machines die cast Adult Collectible '69 Camaro, with a collectible CARtoons magazine collectors card (it actually says "Adult Collectible" on the packaging. It is hidden under the collectible card. You can just see the last 'e' of the word collectible under the ES of Muscle MachinES).
I loved the CARtoons magazine as a kid, and still do to this day. I have even been picked up many old issues of the magazine here and there as I scour the local thrift shops. I always thought the jacked up cars with all the flames on them in the magazine were pretty cool.
This was the only one the Toy Traders had, and it was in the discount bin, so I decided to pick it up to add to our cars collection. My son loves playing with Matchbox / Hot Wheels cars, and has a great collection of cars from the Disney/Pixar movie Cars. I decided to buy this car, so I could have a 'cool ride' when playing 'cars' with my son.
It was really hard to actually bust it out of the package, as I usually keep everything 'mint', but once I did, my son couldn't wait to play with it. I broke the rules and let him play with it, even though it clearly stated right on the package that this is an "Adult collectible".

Check out these photos of the fun that ensued...

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