Monday, October 06, 2008

Little Golden Book Monday #65

Today's Little Golden Book is Walt Disney's Donald Duck in Disneyland, from 1955, the year Disneyland opened its doors for the first time.
Being that this book came out at the same time as the park was first opened, its fun to see the things that they feature in the book, along with the names they give things such as The World of Tomorrow, aka Tomorrowland.
From the inside of the book: "This is a brand-new book, illustrated especially for Golden books. The Little Golden Books are produced under the supervision of Mary Reed, PH.D. Formerly of Teachers College, Columbia University."
"In this Little Golden Book adventure from the Walt Disney studio, Donald and his nephews started out on what was planned to be a quiet visit to Disneyland. But Dewey, Louie and Huey had their own ideas of fun. we think the story will be for you, too."
Here is the complete text from the story, along with the drawing from the inside front cover."
Here is the complete text from the story, along with the drawing from the inside front cover.
Hurry up, boys. Keep together. And stay right with me," said Donald Duck anxiously as he and his nephews moved along with the crowd toward the gates of Disneyland.
Soon they found themselves in the rialroad station entrance to Disneyland. Beyond the open doorway stretched Main Street, U.S.A. And beyond that, as the boys well knew, spread a magic wonder world.
"Come on!" cried Huey, tugging at Donald. "Let's go to Fantasyland!" cried Dewey. "No, the World of Tomorrow!" said Louie. "Rocket to the Moon!" Huey broke in.
"Wait!" said Donald, holding up his hand. "First we must take the train ride around Disneyland for the splendid over-all view." So he bought four tickets. But when he turned around, not a single nephew was in sight.
"Huey! Louie! Dewey!" Donald called. "This is no time for a joke. Come on now, the train won't wait." Down the track the locomotive chuffed impatiently. But not a boy appeared.
"Now where could those boys have gone?" Donald fretted. "Train rides a fine way to spot lost boys," the conductor suggested. "From up here you can see the whole of Disneyland. Hop aboard and keep your eyes open. You'll soon spot your boys."
So Donald hopped aboard and found himself a seat. The train started up and soon was streaming past the tropical jungles of True-Life Adventure Land.
As Donald watched, dazzled by the bright flowers and brilliant birds in the trees, a river boat chugged into view. And there at the rail lounged Huey Duck.
But Huey could not see an alligator which was waiting just around the bend, with wide and grinning jaws.
"Watch out, Huey!" Donald cried, but the train chugged out of sight before the boat reached the bend. "Stop the train!" cried Donald. "I have to get out!" But the train went chugging on.
Ahead a whistle hooted. Donald looked around. The scenery had changed. Here a paddle-wheel excursion boat was steaming down A River of America, and on the far bank sprawled a quaint old river town.
Donald scanned the steamer's decks. Just then the steam whistle screeched toot-a-toot toot! And there, hanging on the whistle cord, was grinning Dewey Duck!
Z-z-z! Crack! A rifle shot echoed in the air. Uncle Donald jumped. Around a curve in a desert road, a stage coach came lurching at full speed.
Just behind it raced wild Indians, crouched low in their saddles, waving their bows and tomahawks, and shrieking war cries that curdled the blood.
At the window of the stagecoach two faces appeared-surely Huey and Louie Duck!
"Down, boys!" shrieked Donald, as the train raced past. "Get out of their range!" Drop down!"
Poor Donald! He was trembling as the Disneyland train left the Painted Desert far behind. Had his warning come in time? He could only hope it had.Toot toot! Down below ran another train, the Casey, Jr., on a dizzy ride. And in the cab of the engineer, whom should Donald spy but Dewey Duck, waving to Unca Donald.
"Keep your eyes on the track!" shouted Uncle Donald. "Watch where you're taking the train!"
As Donald sank trembling into his seat, down the aisle the jolly conductor came.
"No sing of your nephews yet?" he smiled. "Well, don't you worry. They'll turn up safe and sound." With a pat on Donald's shoulder, he went on his way.
"Turn u!' Donald gasped. "Safe and sound!" he shuddered. For a few moments then the train chugged past a green and shady grove. Donald stretched and took a deep, happy breath./ Everything looked to peaceful here.
"Whee! Look at me, Unca Donald!" cried a familiar voice. Donald spun around. A pirate ship was sailing toward the clouds on its way to Peter Pan's Neverland.
From the deck Louie Duck waved both hands at uncle Don. But far ahead Donald could see Captain Hook with a drawn sword, waiting for the shop to come near.
"Get you head down and hang on tight!" called Donald. But Louie had not heard. As he disappeared, he was waving still.
"Some fun, Unca Donald. Look at me!" Down a streamlined highway small cars were running - an intent young driver at each wheel. In one car was Huey Duck, steering with both hands.
"Huey! You don't know how to drive!" called Donald, not knowing that Huey had just passed his Disneyland Driving Test. Then the train took Donald out of sight; and to his relief he saw the station ahead.
Donald was the first one off the train. But his shaking knees would not take him far. He had to stop and lean against a post, one hand over his eyes. Where, he wondered, was the hospital? He supposed he should look there first.
"Unca Doanld!" "Hurry up!" "The train's about to leave!" Huey, Dewey, and Louie were dancing around him.
"We've had a wonderful time!" they said."Now we're ready to go with you for a quiet trip on the train."
"Quiet!" squeaked Donald. "You boys go ahead. I can't stand that excitement again."
So while the boys hopped onto the train, Donald tottered off to take a peaceful rocket trip to the moon.

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