Monday, October 27, 2008

Little Golden Book Monday #68

Sometimes you find things in unexpected places. That's what happened yesterday while doing my grocery shopping. My local grocery store has a discount book bin which is always filled with all kinds of old overstocked books. My son found a Wall.E book in the bin and picked it up asking if we could buy it? To my amazement, the book under the Wall.E book was the Little Golden Book version of Disney's upcoming film Bolt. I have been looking for this book ever since seeing it on another blog over a month ago. I have made trips to all kinds of book stores, drug stores and other assorted stores hoping to find this one, as well as the Little Golden Book "Presto!". I was so excited to find this book in the discount bin of my local grocery store that I actually said to myself... "Awesome!". Ironic that the next book I found was a Bolt coloring book with the title "Beyond Awesome".
I quickly snapped up the Bolt book, along with the Wall.E book for my son, and a copy of the most recent Little Golden Book version of Sleeping Beauty.
Tonight, just before adding this blog entry, I saw an ad for the Bolt film, and I can't say that I was terribly impressed. I'm sure that since its a Disney animated film, I will go see it - probably on opening night - but it didn't look nearly as good as the recent Pixar films. Other than popping this book open to have a look at the artwork (which looked great), I don't plan to read it yet, as I don't want to read the book before seeing the movie on November 21st.
I also saw David Copperfield yesterday afternoon. Too bad a copy of Pesto! didn't 'appear' in the discount bin as well huh!? Now that would have made for a great blog!

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