Saturday, March 07, 2009

Mark Waid writes the Incredibles!

There are some very interesting looking new comics coming out next month from Boom Studios based on some famous characters including the Incredibles, Cars, and the Muppets. I have added all three titles to my comics pull list, but its the Incredibles comic that has me most excited!
The Incredibles movie was amazing, and the idea of using that world of characters to create a comic series seems like a natural. And having Mark Waid write the series doesn't hurt. My only concerns are 1) that the art work on many of these famous properties to comics ventures are horrible! 2) Many of these famous properties to comics never get enough buzz to get anyone but comic book fan boys buying them, which usually leads to a mighty short run.
Slave Labor Graphics already tried to bring 4 Disney properties to comics; the Haunted Mansion, Gargoyles, Alice in Wonderland, and Tron. None of them made it past issue #7. Hopefully Boom Studios has a better run than SLG did.

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