Wednesday, March 25, 2009

My Frist Video Game: Wallobee Jack

Growing up in the 80's when home video games were gaining popularity with such titles as Space Invaders and Missile Command, I was resigned to visiting friends who owned such things. I don't really remember feeling left out, and I don't remember ever asking for a video game system, so I guess all was well in my childhood even without a game system in my home. I do however remember in the early 90's when CD-Rom games for computers were becoming popular. I purchased my first (and as it turns out, last) video game for the Macintosh 1n 1993. It was called Wallobee Jack: The Bingi Burra Stone as was billed as an interactive toon show. The drawing on the front of the box looked really cool to me and the idea of an interactive cartoon seemed so cool! What a disappointment! The graphics in the game were pretty limited and the actual game consisted of short animated scenes where you had to move the mouse around looking for a hot spot which would then activate the next scene. Obviously games have come a long way since then, but as my introduction to video games, it served to turn me off gaming ever since. To this day, my gaming experience consists of Snood and checkers, both of which are on my Mac and take up less than an hour of my time per week.

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