Thursday, October 12, 2006


One of my favorite movies is "The Car", a 1977 "B" movie about a possessed car. There were others that tried this formula such as Christine, but this was the original. I remember seeing it at the Drive In when I was young and being pretty scared by this large black car that drove around mowing people down. One of the best scenes in the movie occurs at nighth, and as the car driving right though the second story window of a house, with the just the sound of its horn blaring as it crashes through the house! It scared me then, it makes me smile now.
I loved this quote from one of the review of The Car on, "The Car is so extravagantly cheesy as to be almost surreal. To really understand the greatness of The Car, one must compare it to John Carpenter's Christine, another haunted car film based on one of Stephen King's weakest novels. I've seen Christine once and really don't care to view it again. I've seen The Car many times and will watch it every chance I get. Accurately noted by several reviewers, "The Car" is really "Jaws" on land. This souped up automobile is a sleek black Lincoln possessing a fog horn and a bumper the size of Wilford Brimley's mustache. It runs over bikers, hitchhikers and tuba players with hungry ease, tormenting the local yokel police force with demonic glee."

I recently found this painting of a toy truck sitting on the last step of a staircase. I love the title above the painting. Although it has nothing to do with the movie, every time I see this, it makes me chuckle as I imagine someone coming down the stairs and placing their foot on this toy truck, and woosh, the same results as in the movie!

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