Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Pluto's Dream House

Recently I was watching a few of my Disney Treasures DVD and I happened to watch a cartoon titled Pluto's Dream House (1940). While watching the cartoon I was especially taken by a shot where they show the blue prints for Pluto's new dog house. I remembered that I can use my screen capture application to save anything on my screen, so I decided to turn the shot from the cartoon into a picture that I could just as a desk top for my Mac.

While I was at it, I also copied the title card for the cartoon. I have always loved cartoon title cards & posters - many times they are the best thing about a cartoon! They are often done by a different artist than the cartoon, and many times it looks like they have spend way more time and money on the title card and poster than they did on the rest of the cartoon.
I like title cards so much that a few months ago, I made this desktop using a bunch of title cards from some of my favorite classic Warner Brothers cartoons.

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