Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Fast Food Tray Liners

Tonight I bring you yet another of my favorite items to collect... Fast food tray liners. You know, those pieces of paper that fast food restaurants place on your tray to keep your food from touching the tray - and to get you to stare at their advertising. Since I love fast food signage and advertising, it was just natural that I would start taking home the tray liners. I started collecting them over 20 years ago and am always happy to add a new one to the collection. I just love some of the great graphics and slogans that can be found on a good looking tray liner.
Here is something I found about tray liners on a web site that prints them: "A properly executed tray liner quietly provides more marketing punch. It re-enforces the image of freshness and quality on each tray with every order, and is a visual tie-in to your advertising and radio campaigns"
unfortunately for my blog, tray liners tend to be larger than the scanner bed on my scanner, so it means I must do two scans of each tray liner and then stitch them together. So this may be the only tray liner I display on my blog unless I can find an easier way to get them into my computer.
And just in case you think its strange that I collect tray liners... how about this The Original Condiment Packet Museum. And YES, I do have a bunch of these in my possession!

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