Wednesday, October 25, 2006

No Interim CEO's Allowed!

Today I was given the job of tossing a bunch of old magazines into the recycle bins at work. Presented with 3 boxes of magazines, I did what anyone would do. I stopped working and starting leafing though the magazines looking for cool ads!
I found this short article on the last page of the July 20, 1988 TIME magazine: "What does Steve Jobs have to do to get some respect? Apple's co-founder is finally back at the core of the company and beginning to put a bite on its decline, but he's still a nobody to security guards. Following his keynote address at the Mac World convention in New York City, Jobs suddenly found himself barred from the main show floor by a zealous young security guard who observed that Jobs didn't have the appropriate pass. When the many Appleistas with him offered him theirs, the security guard threatened to confiscate the passes and call the state troopers. Despite the flurry of frantic cell-phone calls and cries of "Don't you know who this is?" the guard refused to budge. Jobs had to retreat and find a generic pass with which to enter his own convention. Maybe the guard was a Windows user."

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