Sunday, October 08, 2006

It looks like we've got another mystery on our hands

I blogged previously about the fact that Coca Cola BlaK had finally arrived on store shelves in my area. And then yesterday I mentioned that I got a bunch of free samples of Coca Cola BlaK at the cranberry festival in Ft. Langley. Well, tonight I noticed something curious. The original bottles that I purchased say "Cola Coffee Fusion Beverage" on them, and the bottles I got yesterday say "Carbonated Fusion Beverage". Everything else about the bottles is exactly the same.
I used to love playing the game "Clue" where you had to solve the mystery of who done it, in what room, with what object. I also used to love watching Scooby Doo (actually I still do) as they solved all those great mysteries. Well gang, it looks like we have another mystery on our hands.
Let's pretend this is the end of the game and/or the end of the Scooby episode. Here is my explanation of what happened:
First, Coke came up with the brilliant idea of fusing Coca Cola with coffee, two of the most widely consumed beverages. What could be better than mixing them together to make one super money making drink. Next they came up with the packaging, a nice Coke shaped bottle with the name Coca Cola BlaK, and the slogan "Carbonated Fusion Beverage". They then started shipping them to store shelves. As consumers began to find these bottles in their local shops, they began to wonder just what fusion had been added to their beloved Coca Cola? After some initial confusion as to just what this new Coca Cola BlaK was, Coke does a quick tweak to the packaging, and "Cola Coffee Fusion Beverage" bottles begin showing up on store shelves, to which consumers happily buy up all the bottles of this new coffee cola concoction. That explains why Coke was giving away the original bottles of "Carbonated Fusion beverage", to get rid of the remaining stock of non "Cola Coffee Fusion Beverage" bottles, and also why they had the 'Coke Team' there to hand them out, and answer everyone's questions of "What is this stuff?".
And there you have my friends, mystery solved... or is it?

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