Thursday, August 24, 2006

The Green Machine

Continuing with a transportation theme, today I present the Green Machine. As a young kid in the '70s I had a Big Wheel, but I really wanted the Green Machine. I only knew one kid in my neighborhood that had a Green Machine, and I would hang out with him as much as possible - just hoping he might say, "Wanna try it out?" Well after almost 20 years, the Green Machine is back.

THE GREEN MACHINE! It's not easy being green, and that is just the way we like it. Only Huffy Could create a machine that will define a whole new generation of cool. The NEW 2006 Green Machine Tri-Wheel by Huffy Bikes has a sleek and stable low profile design with strong steel construction. This next-generation tri-wheel will capture the imagination of a slightly older, more experienced rider for the ultimate in spin-out action. The all new Huffy Green Machine is designed and engineered for today's kids. The new version of this old favorite Green Machine is high tech, durable and cool with features such as: Sleek and stable low-profile design for maximum control and fun. The Huffy Green Machine's adjustable seat fits a wide variety of kids. Super wide rear slick tires spin-out through turns. Strong steel construction keeps it all together. Low riding spin-out tricycle - Defines low riding pedal spin-out excitement!
Below is the original 1976 Marx Toys Green Machine.

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