Tuesday, August 29, 2006

iCOS = Comics On Sale

If you have OS 10.4 Tiger on your Mac, then you have Dashboard. If you have Dashboard, and you collect comics, then you need to get iCOS! I don't find myself promoting software very often, but his is an amazing little FREE Dashboard Widget that all comic book fans should have! And for those of you using Windows, they have a Windows Beta version available at their site. What iCOS does, is allow you to easily browse and search which comic books are being released that week (info comes from Diamond Previews), and you can set up a subscription(s) tab that will show you exactly which of your favorite titles are showing up at your local comic shop that week. Once you install it, you will find yourself waiting for it to be updated each week, as you can't wait to see what new comics are hitting the shelves.
They have a new version coming out very soon which will have even more great features. Check it out by clicking on the iCOS link above, or simply go to the Apple web site and do a search for iCOS.

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