Thursday, August 03, 2006

Skyline Drive In

Here is a cool photo I took of the Skyline Drive-In marquee. I used iPhoto to change the photo to black and white to add a little bit of a retro feel to the photo. I love Drive In theaters and every summer my friend Andrew and I take a mini vacation to hit a few more Drive Ins within a days drive from home. The Skyline is in Shelton, WA, and yes, they are open again this summer. There is also a Drive In right here in my own neck of the woods called the Twilight Drive-In. Interestingly enough the Twilight was built just two years ago! More on the Twilight in a later blog. Make a point to visit your local Drive In this summer, its a great way to spend an evening under the stars watching some of the summers big block buster films right from the comfort of your own car. If you are not sure if there is Drive In in your area, check out and use their online database to find one near you.

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christin said...

hello, you posted a comment on my blog,thank you.

i´ve taken all the photos myself.
take care!