Thursday, August 17, 2006

Negadon: The Monster From Mars

After reading about Negadon: The Monster From Mars in the Summer 2006 #76 issue of G-Fan magazine, I jumped at the change to purchase a copy of the DVD when I found it on the shelf of my local Wal-Mart. After plunking my $20 bucks down, I rushed home to pop some popcorn and settle back to enjoy Negadon, the world's first completely computer generated monster movie.
The back of the DVD says: "In the year 2025, the world population explodes to over 10 billion. In search for a new place to live, mankind initiates a space exploration program entitled the Mars Terraforming Project. Step by step, mankind successfully transforms Mars into a habitable planet. But when a Japanese spaceship returning from Mars crashes on the streets of Tokyo, it unleashes a giant and vicious monster. Only Dr. Narasaki and his long-abandoned robot Miroku can save Earth and mankind."
I dimmed the lights and started the movie. I chose to watch the movie in English. The movie looked amazing, and it didn't take long (just 11 minute in) to get the first glimpse Negadon. Unlike many recent monster movies where it takes at least 50 minutes to catch a glimpse of anything remotely large and dangerous, in Negadon: The Monster From Mars, we get our first all out battle at just the 19 minute mark. With such a climactic battle, I started to wonder what could possibly happen next? I was totally shocked when the words "The End" appeared on the screen. I quickly looked at the time counter to see that the movie was only at 24 minutes. By the time all the credits had finished, the total running time of the movie was 27:21. I grabbed the box and found that nowhere on the packaging did it list the length of the movie - something that most other DVDs list. I had not finished my popcorn when it ended, so I decided to watch all the DVD extras which included an interview with the director (with English subtitles), the making of Negadon (with English subtitles), and two film shorts: Magara: The Giant Monster & Magara: The Final Showdown, plus a few other odds and ends.
I really enjoyed the movie, but did feel a little cheated that I bought it expecting a full length movie, but only got 70 minutes of content, including the movie and all the extras.
If you get the change to rent or buy this movie, I would recommend checking it out, but be sure to pop a much smaller bowl of popcorn!

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