Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Return to Autopia

As a follow up to my August 5th entry Ronnie @ Disneyland 1977, here is a picture of the Autopia Driver License I received 23 years after my first Autopia experience. This is a great little ephemera item that cast members were giving away to 'young' Autopia drivers in 2000 when the Disneyland Autopia reopened with its newly updated track, cars and Cheveron sponsorship.
The accompanying photos are of the collectable Cheveron Cars Autopia edition which was for sale at most Cheveron stations in 2000 to promote their sponsorship of the newly remodeled Disneyland Autopia attraction.

Check out a great 1959 photo of the Disneyland Mark V Autopia Cars, over at Stuff From the Park.

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