Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Philips Momento snow globe

I picked up the May 29, 2006 issue of Fortune magazine today at the library to read the article on "Pixar's Magic Man John Lasseter". When I opened the magazine, the first ad I saw was a fold out ad for Philips, with the tag line Philips "Sense and simplicity", and an ad for a product called the Momento. What is it you ask? Well, the ad states: "a snow globe that holds a new way to treasure your past? Momento lets you relive cherished memories over and over. When you shake Momento, a video clip will begin to play. Shake it again and the video breaks apart into tiny animated snowflakes that morph into a new clip. It's a simple way to keep your favorite moments close at hand". I thought wow, that sounds cool. I would buy that. I headed to my Mac and googled "Philips Momento" but didn't find much other than a few blogs talking about the Momento. After doing some more searching, I realized that this was a concept product that was not yet for sale. Upon relooking at the magazine, I found there were a number of products shown, all of which are concept products, and not yet for sale. too bad, because the Momento snow globe looks really cool!

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