Sunday, August 27, 2006

Two More Thrift Store Finds

Here are two more items I picked up at the thrift store yesterday. I found a great Ernie & Bert 45 record and a Disney 45 from the movie Aristocats.
The Ernie & Bert record comes in a very thick cardboard gatefold, something I have not seen much with 45 records. There is also some great artwork on the inside of the gatefold. I find it a little funny that is says "Ernie & Bert" on the album, but only Ernie is seen on the cover and heard in both stories. I guess if it just said "Ernie" we might not know they meant Ernie, as in Ernie & Bert!
The second 45 is the single for the song "Everybody wants to be a cat" from The Aristocats, the twentieth animated feature in the Disney animated features canon, released in 1970 from the Walt Disney studio, Of all my collections, my Disney record collection is one of my favorites. I would love to own a copy of every single vinyl album that Disney released, and therefore, even an item as beat up as this one, is worth picking up and adding to my collection.
A great resource for anyone interested in collecting Disney vinyl is The Golden Age of Walt Disney Records 1933-1988: Murray's Collectors' Price Guide and Discography : Lps/45 Rpm/78 Rpm/Eps.
And for anyone interested in the history of Walt Disney Records, there is a great new book out called MOUSE TRACKS: The Story of Walt Disney Records.

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