Monday, August 28, 2006

They're at the Post!

Remember when playing games meant getting the family and friends together and sitting down at the kitchen table to play a board game, and not sitting in front of the TV playing yet another repetitive video game.
In keeping with yesterdays Vinyl theme, today I present "They're at the Post". As I said yesterday I love collecting records, and I also enjoy collecting old board games. They're at the Post (1975) is both a record (well actually 4 records to be exact), and a game. Let the front of the box explain further: "The exciting new game that captures all the fun and suspense of a day at the track. 8 complete races on 4 LP records computerized for over 190 different finishes. The records are specially designed so no one can pre-determine the race results."

The game play is just like being at the race track. It includes racing programs, bet chits, banker's records and cash. Any number of players can bet on the various horses for each race. When the betting window is closed the LP is put on and the needle dropped and on comes the racing voice, excitingly giving a entire race breakdown. Each record has more then one spiral on them, so when the needle is placed, no one knows the outcome of the race, as the needle can skip from groove to groove, providing endless outcomes for each of the 8 races.

I have dragged this out at more than a few parties over the past 20 years, and it always gets a great response. You could even make it a little bit more exciting by playing with real money instead of the play money provided.
I guess we won't see an updated version of this game any time soon though, as they would have to find a way to get your mp3 player to skip (on purpose) for the game to work.

PS: Again, referring to yesterdays post, I think I'll take Bert's Wish in the 2nd!

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Kimberly~~~ said...

OMGosh I used to play mine over and over as a kid.....I loved this!!!!