Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Riverboat Club member

Continuing with yesterdays restaurant theme, I found my Captain George's Riverboat Club card from the 70's. The two things I remember about the Captain George's Family Restaurant was; 1) the outside of the restaurant looked like a big pink paddlewheeler ship, and 2) they had a "make it yourself" desert bar where you could dispense your own soft serve ice cream and then add all the toppings to your hearts content - a pretty amazing treat for a 7 year old kid back then! This membership card certified that I, Ronnie, was a member of Capt. George's Riverboat Club, and entitled to a free Sport Cola, Rooti Root Beer, Bubble Up, or C+ Orange anytime I bought a sandwich, snack or platter at any Captain George's Family restaurant, and was valid until 1980. The Captain George's restaurant that we went to, closed some time in the early 80's, and the building remained unused for many years, leaving just the shell of a large pink paddlewheeler to drive by everyday. The building has since been converted into a 7-11, but I'll always remember the big pink boat and the all you can eat ice cream!

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