Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Dragonforce Sold Out!

Apparently I underestimated the popularity of Dragonforce. Last night Euro metal band Dragonforce played here in Vancouver at the Croatian Cultural Centre. I was excited about going to the show, but had to work until 9 pm and didn't think I would be able to make the show. The night before the show, I was on the bands web page forums and read that there would be 2 opening bands at the Dragonforce would not be onstage until about 9:30 pm. It takes about 45 minutes t get downtown, so if I left work right on time, I could make it to the show by about 9:45 pm. I left work and raced downtown, only to find that the show was sold out! Luckily for me, the front doors were all glass, and from the front door, I could see into the front lobby and right into the hall where the band was playing. This is how I watched the show. Not the best view or sound, but I did get to see and hear the show. And as it turns out, there were sooo many people at the show that the temperature was unbelievably hot and all during the show I saw people leaving due to heat exhaustion. I myself was standing outside in the beautiful evening air! So, I didn't have to bear the heat, I saved the $30 ticket cost AND I got to see and hear the show. I guess it worked out OK. Although, if they ever come back, I am getting my ticket early!

The above photo has been Photoshopped to help as a visual aide to go along with the story above - for those of you who were having a hard time visualizing what a Sold Out show might look like! The actual photo was taken of myself at Disneyland, standing at the ticket window after closing.

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