Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Why Paint When You Can Poster

Ok, so I think we have established that I collect just about everything. While going though some old photos, I found this shot of the basement of my old house. As you can see the basement walls were plastered with concert hand bills, flyers & posters. I am a huge metal fan, and in the mid to late 80's I used to go to a few concerts a week. At every show, I would try to come home with an advert for the show. It didn't take long to completely cover the wall(s) of the basement.


Bailey said...

Hey! just a heads up that I linked to this post and picture from my very little read blog. Thanks for being an inspiration!

Ronn Roxx said...

As time went on, I had pretty much filled all 4 walls in the basement with rock flyers/posters. I wish I had taken more photos before they all came down when I moved.
To this day, I still try to snag a poster whenever I am at a show.