Saturday, September 09, 2006

Kaden Vs the Alien

I visited my local comic shop today to pick up the latest comics etc. I have been going to Talkin' Illustrations for about 20 years now, and have become good friends with Terry the owner. While we were in the shop a few months back, I took a few photos of Kaden with the full size Alien he has on display in the shop. For fun I took one of the photos and played around in Photoshop and added a funny thought ballon to Kaden. I then sent it off to Terry via email. To my surprise, Terry asked if he could ues it in the poster for his upcoming sale. Of couse I said yes! Terry added a second tought ballon, and his current sale poster was ready. Today, while I was at the shop, Terry gave me a couple of the postcards he is giving out to promote the sale, and once the sale is over, we are getting a couple of large posters with the same image. So this is officially Kaden's first print work. He's on his way to fame and fortune!

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