Thursday, September 14, 2006

TV Guide Fall Preview Issues

If you are a TV junkie, then September is an exciting time, as the networks roll out their new & returning shows. I always look forward to the TV Guide Fall Preview issues. This year there were 3 issues, the first (Sept. 2-8) listed 57 specialty shows new for fall. Next was the September -15 issue with 38 new shows, and third was the Sept. 16-22 issue with 76 returning shows. That's a lot of shows and a lot of time in front of the TV!!

Here are a few of the shows I am excited about.
Returning shows: CORNER GAS - this is my current favorite. Its like a small town Canadian version of Seinfeld. MONK - a show that I never watched until I started taping it for my mom. After watching an episode, I was hooked. I kind of reminds me of shows I liked as a kid (Dukes of Hazzard or BJ & The Bear). Its not real deep, but its a fun way to sit and giggle for an hour. THE RICK MERCER REPORT - its been on for a few seasons, but I only started watching it at the end of last season. Its the Canadian version of the John Stewart Show. HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER - an odd premise for a show, but a real fun show. SUPERNATURAL - my favorite suspense/horror of last season. Like the X Files, each hour long episode is a self contained story, but they all link together. MY NAME IS EARL - another great comedy. NBC gave Earl Seinfeld's old time slot, so they have high hopes for it. THE OFFICE - I didn't like this show at first, but it grew on my over last season. THE WAR AT HOME - my new Sunday night favorite. It files the gap left by Married With Children and Unhappily Ever After which were both a big part of my Sunday night TV viewing. BATTLESTAR GLACTICA - Not only for nerds. Even my wife got hooked on this updated version of the 70's cult classic.
New shows: HEROS, a show about everyday people who gain super Powers. TIL DEATH - I saw the first episode and its was pretty good. A newly wed couple moves in next door to a couple who have been married for years. They drive each other nuts! GENE SIMMONS FAMILY JEWELS - a show I didn't think I would watch, but have become addicted to. As a long time KISS fan, I love seeing them poke fun at Gene at home. And lastly, LIFE ON MARS, a show about a sharp-witted detective who is seemingly transported back to 1973 after a near fatal wreck.
So, the tally this year is 9 returning shows and 4 new shows that I am interested in. The number of new shows this season is probably as high as in past years, but most are dramas and reality shows which I don't watch, so there isn't as many shows I want to check out as in previous years. Hopefully there will be some great mid season replacement shows again this year to keep my going once all these new dramas and reality shows fail.

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